Google might be working on its own Facebook competitor

Google might be working on its own Facebook competitor

Internet giant, Google is rumored to be working on a service that will compete with the social networking site Facebook.

Digg founder Kevin Rose posted a short message on Twitter saying that the service will be called ‘Google Me’ and it will offer features that will rival Facebook. The facebook killer, as it has been termed will be the first major service by the company to compete with another Web 2.0 entity.

Google earlier launched the buzz feature to compete with Twitter however it has not been successful in its efforts. According to a report by ReadWriteWeb, most of the information published on Buzz is automated rehash from Twitter or RSS feeds.

It is not known as to where the existing user information feeds including Buzz, Wave and also Google’s own social networking site Orkut will feature in the new service. Experts estimate that the new service could attract only about 200 million users as Buzz requires a Gmail account and Orkut requires a Google account.

In another development, a site has reported that Open-Graph-friendly Web pages are now showing results on the social media site. If the users click the ‘like; button on third party sits it then becomes part of the social experience and the search results are also prioritized accordingly. This feature directly puts Facebook against Search leader Google.

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