Gasoline prices soar above $3-per-gallon mark in all U.S. states

Gasoline prices soar above $3-per-gallon mark in all U.S. states

Gasoline prices have broken above the $3-per-gallon barrier in all U. S. states; even those that usually enjoy comparatively low rates due to their proximity to refineries and large oil fields.

Motorists in Ohio are now paying 5 cents more at pump pumps than last week. However, the statewide average of gas price is now at $3.31, a penny less than what motorists were paying at this time in January.

Average gasoline price in Michigan jumped by around 4 cents from previous week to an average of $3.33 per gallon. On yearly basis, the average is nearly 38 cents per gallon less than this time previous year.

According to research firm GasBuddy's latest report, the states that witnessing gas prices of below $3 per gallon are now reporting prices in the rage of $3 to $3.10 per gallon. The list of these states includes oil-rich states and states that are very close Gulf of Mexico refinery.

In Maine, the average price of gasoline slipped by a penny but it remained above the $3-per-gallon mark - at $3.46 a gallon. The average is based on surveys of more than 1,200 gasoline outlets in the state.

In Ocala and Gainesville, the average price of gasoline was $3.33 and $3.41 a gallon, down nearly a 1/½ cents and almost 45 cents over the week, respectively.

Nationwide, the average price of gasoline was recoded at $3.26 a gallon, which is nearly unchanged over the past month.

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