Foxconn hacked; passwords and logins posted online

Foxconn hacked; passwords and logins posted online

In a Thursday Twitter post, hacking group called SwaggSec claimed that it had hacked Foxconn and had breached its email servers and Intranet, along with posting passwords and login details online.

According to Time magazine, SwaggSec had managed to snag the 16 megabytes of Foxconn files which reportedly contained about 25 spreadsheets as well as a few text documents.

Publicizing its Foxconn hack in a series of posts on Twitter, SwaggSec said that that ‘’ had been taken offline by Foxconn officials; while it was still unclear whether anybody has successfully made an order before the site went down.

The Foxconn hack comes close on the heels of the protests by demonstrators outside some Apple stores, over the deplorable working conditions at Foxconn’s China-based factories where Apple’s most popular products are manufactured. The protestors had delivered a petition with 250,000 signatures at several Apple stores worldwide, as a part of their international demonstration about workers’ plight at Foxconn.

About the hack, SwaggSec said in an open letter posted to PasteBin that even though it agreed that the working conditions at Foxconn were 'disappointing,' the real reason behind its attack actually was to have some ‘fun.’

Noting that SwaggSec “would rather not deceive the public of our intentions,” the hacking group said in its open letter that while it enjoys “exposing governments and corporations,” the “more prominent reason” behind its attacks was “the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure.”

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