Fee Fixed for Private Schools in Tamil Nadu

It was seen lately that the State government of Tamil Nadu had fixed fees for 10,934 private self financing schools.

The fee structure was finalized by the Private Schools Fee Determination Committee. This committee was a constitutional panel that was appointed by the Government and had fixed the fee structure after a detailed study was conducted on different issues.

It was noted the average fees collected from each student, the total number of students and the expenditure by the school was calculated by the committee. It also included the salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff. Some other expenses like electricity and telephone charges were also taken into consideration.

The Chief Educational Officer would be fixing the fees for each individual school. On Pallikalvi.in details of the fee structure would be posted. It would be for the benefit of parents and schools. It was told by K.Govindarajan, Committee Chairperson said that the format was designed in relation with the fixing of the fees. This format was therefore, forwarded to 10,934 schools out of which 10,233 responded.

It was seen that the fee structure was fixed for 10,233 schools on the basis of income and expenditure of the schools. It was seen that if the income that was collected from the students was more than expenditures, the schools were request to reduce the fees.

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