Defamation Suit Against Big Brother Mukesh Ambani, Withdrawn

 Defamation Suit Against Big Brother Mukesh Ambani, Withdrawn

The Rs 10,000 crore defamation suit that was charged against Mukesh Ambani at the high court of Bombay was withdrawn by younger brother anil Ambani. This withdrawal was done in order to create a more harmonious relationship between the brothers.

Anil Ambani's lawyers did not comment on the questions posted against them as to why there was a change in the decision made, by the lawyers made it clear that they did not want to go forward with the suit that was against Mukesh Ambani.

The defamation suit was supposedly filed by the head of Anil Dhirubani Ambani group after his brother's comments in the New York Times article. He then alleged that the comments that were attributed to Mukesh were defamatory, false, baseless and malicious.

The article states "What most distinguishes Reliance (RIL) from its rivals is what Ambani's friends and associates describe as his 'intelligence agency', a network of lobbyists and spies in New Delhi, who they say collect data about the vulnerabilities of the powerful, about the minutiae of bureaucrats' schedules, about the activities of their competitors

It was supposedly told my Mukesh Ambani to NYT that the activities weren't continued after the reliance group was split by the brothers. He added that the activities were de-merged followed by a outburst of laughter.

After the delivery of the verdict by the SC regarding the gas dispute which favored Mukesh Ambani, the brothers decided to hold hands with peace.

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