David Cameron intimating over Budget cuts

David Cameron intimating over Budget cuts

Calling for the next week's emergency Budget, Mr Cameron sent the warning waves that public sector pay and pensions shall be kept reserved. Further he added that he shall be more than happy to prove himself wrong after claiming for a coalition government that would damage the economy.

According to Labour's Ed Miliband the budget shall be keep coalition under strain.

Upon this, BBC political correspondent Gary O'Donoghue, expressed on the situation that this is a clear intimation, that if the coalition has planned to curtail it hard and leave the rope to raise the taxes.

Further Mr Cameron accepted that it isn't easy to curtail the deficit but the same has happened for the better of the nation, also there isn't any agenda regarding the public sector workers.

Adding further, he stated that there are three big items in the list of spending where one can't avoid the circumstances and those are the public sector pay, public sector pensions and benefits. And he expressed that he wishes to take on for the public sector workers as they are doing exceptionally well in their domains.

Also there isn't any avoidance or hatred against the people working in the public sector. Only the fact is that how to deal with the budget deficit which is fair enough. As there isn't any way out to deal with the 11% budget deficit only by hitting any section of the society blindly.

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