China's telecoms giant Huawei refutes Australian cyber fears

China's telecoms giant Huawei refutes Australian cyber fears

Telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has criticized Australian Government for its claim that the Chinese firm is a security risk to Australia.

Australian Government recently blocked Huawei from bidding on its ambitious $36 billion-dollar National Broadband Network (NBN) project due to China's reputation for cyber-espionage.

Huawei, which was set up by a former People's Liberation Army engineer, was blocked from bidding after intelligence operatives strongly recommended the government's National Security Committee to do so.

But Huawei's Australian chairman John Lord dismissed the cyber fears, saying, "Huawei is not a security risk to Australia. I was very confident when I took up the appointment. I am committed to Huawei."

Australia's longest-serving top diplomat, Downer, said any fears about Huawei being a security risk were complete nonsense and absurd.

Beijing also dismissed Australia’s cyber allegations against Huwaei, describing the fears as groundless.

In 2011, Chinese intelligence agents hacked Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s as well as the then-Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd’s computers.

The U. S. defense & intelligence have long been warning the world of China's involvement in industrial espionage.

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