Canon India unveils first-of-its-kind ‘Out-of-Home’ initiative

Canon India unveils first-of-its-kind ‘Out-of-Home’ initiative

Unveiling a first-of-its-kind `Out-of-Home' (OOH) initiative in India, Canon has recently notched up its standing as a technology innovator by setting up unique neon signage at three international airports in the country.

In a recent announcement, Canon India revealed that it has set up neon signs - which were first put up in 1956 in Times Square - at the International Airports in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Involving an investment of Rs 70 lakh, the setting up of neon signage was part of Canon India's ongoing marketing initiatives.

About the launch of the OOH initiative in the country, Canon India's President and CEO Kazutada Kobayashi said that the Canon brand's pioneering of the initiative, by setting up neon signs in the three mentioned cities, makes Canon the first Japan-based company to announce such a big launch in India.

Terming the OOH initiative as part of Canon's 2013 growth strategy for creating a powerful brand recall for its customers, Kobayashi said that the new initiative in India marks the "first strategic step" in the direction of creating "a positive image for the brand as well as the company."

Asserting that the OOH initiative is part of Canon's commitment to India and its growth, Canon India's Executive VP Alok Bharadwaj said that the neon signs are "an example of innovation and digital expertise," and added that the signage will "help Canon stand out as a company which drives innovation in every aspect of its business - be it product or marketing."

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