Average diesel price hit near record high

Average diesel price hit near record high

Diesel prices are closing in on the record of 143.04p per litre set last May and European countries’ tensions with Iran could push prices even higher.

According to figures released by motoring group AA, the average price of diesel jumped 0.8 per cent to 142.9p per litre over the last month, very close to the record of 143.04p.

The average price of petrol climbed 1.46p to 135p per litre during the same one month-period.

Motorists in Northern Ireland were the worst hit as paid 143.5p per litre of diesel, while the motorist in northern England, Yorkshire and Humberside purchased diesel at the cheapest rate- 142.3p per litre.

Edmund King, president of AA, said rising pump prices canceled the benefits of decline in inflation for those who depend on their vehicles.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. King added, “We will be reminding the Chancellor before the March Budget that his 3p fuel duty increase ear-marked for August 1 should be scrapped if these high pump prices persist.”

Dr. Dan Barlow, chief of policy for environmental campaigners WWF Scotland, stressed that the ongoing surge in prices of fuel underlined the need for the government to make more investments in alternatives, electric vehicles.

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