Apple’s receives its next generation iPhone back from Gizmodo

Apple’s receives its next generation iPhone back from Gizmodo

Apple Inc has received its lost secret next-gen iPhone which was found on the floor of a popular bar in the Silicon Valley.

The prototype of the new Apple iPhone expected to be released this summer was apparently lost by a company engineer, claimed Website Gizmodo that published detailed photos of the device after reportedly paying $5,000 for it.

After the photos were published online, Apple send a letter on Monday to Gizmodo requesting the return of the device and the Website agreed to return it. By Tuesday, Gizmodo editor Jason Chen informed the media that he had already sent the device back to Apple.

Mr. Chen said that it was not wrong for the company to publish the photos and pay for the device because the device was lost and not stolen and moreover it was trying to contact Apple to give back the device.

Gizmo said that after the company Engineer left the phone in the bar, a person found and it and later it was handed to a tech-savvy individual who could notice the differences in the iPhone. The person then tried calling contact numbers of the company but he was successful so the device found it ways to the blogging website.

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