Anji Reddy Dies, Survives by Son and Daughter

Anji Reddy Dies, Survives by Son and Daughter

He helped India in establishing its reputation as inexpensive medicine supplier to the world. And he would be remembered forever for his unmatched contribution. Unfortunately, Anji Reddy, who is being talked about, died on Friday.

It has been found that the man, 72, had been suffering from a prolonged illness i. e. cancer. The pharmaceutical industry pioneer had founded as well as chaired Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. The company is the second-largest pharmaceutical company in India by market capitalization of Rs 31,000 crore.

Also, it is the first firm to have got a place in 2001 on the New York Stock Exchange. The report uncovered that a string of charities was also found by the pioneer. These charities work in different fields, including healthcare, education and provision of livelihoods.

The report said that a son and a daughter survived Anji Reddy. The man had an aim of placing his firm on the world map and he did the same. His son, Satish Reddy, is his company's managing director as well as operating officer. Also, the position of vice-chairman and CEO is held by his son-in-law, GV Prasad.

"He was a philanthropist and gave away a lot of what he earned for common cause, which is rare among Indian rich people. He was humble, simple and mild-mannered", affirmed a close friend, PN Devarajan. He served on the board on Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.

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