Accenture to offer end-to-end public cloud solution on Windows Azure

Accenture to offer end-to-end public cloud solution on Windows Azure

IT consulting firm Accenture has gained the authorization to sell a back-to-back public cloud solution on the Microsoft's Windows Azure platform, thanks to recent deal between the two companies.

Under the terms of the deal, Accenture and its subsidiary Avanade will assist customers in building, deploying and managing apps on the Azure platform.

The agreement will help Microsoft and Accenture to compete with CSC more effectively. CSC also offers consulting services as well as apps design for its own cloud data centers.

In short, the agreement spare customers from negotiating separate contracts. Along with its subsidiary, Accenture has already been creating systems to run on Azure platform.

Last year, Accenture and its subsidiary invested 170,000 hours on the development of projects, and delivered forty Windows Azure-based projects.

Paul Daugherty, chief technology architect at Accenture, said, "Our clients are increasingly looking to generate the business benefits of moving into the cloud. We can offer the capabilities, flexibility, and innovation to help them on their journey."

Accenture, which offers outsourcing, consulting and technology services to big fig firms around the globe, has a work force of around 246,000 employees.

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